Homemade GoPole for a GoPro
GoPole cost around $50, a lot of money for what I need.  A
discarded, bent ski pole would make a perfect GoPole.  This was
a very quick project.
  • Use pipe cutter or hacksaw to cut the pole to length
  • File the rough edges at the cut
  • Tap a dowel in to the end of the pole.  I used a section of
    an old pool cue stick.
  • Drill a hole to accept a 1/4-20 bolt (same threads used on
    the tripod mount)
  • Thread the bolt so the bolt is secure
  • Use a hacksaw to cut the bolt to length so the it will not
    bottom out in the tripod mount
  • File the rough edges of the bolt at a 45 degree angle
  • Attach the GoPro and see if it is oriented to the pole handle
  • If it is not properly oriented, put a nut on the threaded rod
    and use a wrench to twist the dowel in the pole until proper
    orientation is achieved.
  • Done!
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