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Kite Aerial Photography - low tech
approach to taking pictures from a kite.
An ice cube was used to trigger the
shutter and the rig was lifted by a
homemade kite.
Igloo camp out - I Built this igloo
with some help from my family.  After
it was constructed there was no
choice but to spend the night inside.
Custom Wall Pictures - We wanted to
do a room with airplanes, but none of the
wall paper choices were appropriate.  So
we decided to paint on our own pictures.
(Page Unfinished
Portable garage strength enhancement - This portable garage
was put up to store some of our junk.  Being concerned about snow
load and wind load this portable garage was strengthen considerably
for $50 and no special tools were required.
Wooden toy business - We built some simple marble tracks that are
loved by kids so we decided to start making them and selling them.  
Along the way we picked up other wooden toy products.  We are
learning as we go and having a lot of fun.  We still have a lot to learn.  
Please visit our site and pass it along.
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Embry Riddle Aircraft Destroyed by Christmas Day Tornado - Photos of destroyed aircraft at
salvage yard several days after the tornado.
Wooden Sunfish Restoration - We
found a classic wooden hand-built
Sunfish that was free to a good home.  
We decided to restore the boat and enjoy
some sailing time.
I have a lot more projects
to add to this site when I
get the time.  Please book
mark this page and come
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Here are some of the
projects that are not on
this site yet.

Rokaku Kite
Kite messenger
Whiffle ball pitching
CVS camera hack
Lighting picture
Make shift rock tumbler
Monarch Butterflys
Knex trebuchet
Potato cannon (unique