Wall Mural : Airplanes
Wall Mural: Airplanes
We were doing a kids room in
airplanes and the only wall paper
patterns we could find had fighter jets
shooting (not age appropriate).

Computer & Projector
We found images of airplanes we
wanted on the walls.  Using a
computer and a projector the images
were projected on the wall and traced
lightly in pencil.

We painted the planes with acrylic
craft paint.  They can be mixed to
make the color you want, they are
durable enough and they are
inexpensive.  A small art brush was
used to paint near the edges.

What did I learn?
  • You don't have to be an artist
    to have acceptable results -
    the more time you spend the
    better the results will be.
  • Paint the airplanes or at least
    your favorite ones on artist's
    canvas so you can move the
    pictures if you want to
    rearrange the room, keep them
    after you change the room or
    give them to somebody else.  I
    wish we had done that.
  • Paint them high enough on the
    walls that interested kids can
    not touch them, but they can
    look at them.  We painted high
    so I can not tell you what
    happens.  Other people said to
    cover the image with clear
    varnish to protect the paint, we
    did not do that and there
    appear to be no adverse

Examples of a few planes
Here are a few of the planes we
painted on the walls.  A colorful hot
air balloon came out nice too.
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