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My Old Baseball Glove
This old glove is nothing special, but it is the glove
I used many years ago.  I still use it to have a
catch. The lace in the web broke while I was having
a catch with a little leaguer.  I decided to re-lace
the glove and keep using it.

The trick to re-lacing is tedious work, but not too
bad.  My technique was to remove the old lace one
hole at a time and replace it with the new lace.  I
tied a piece of string to the old lace before I pulled
it through and then used the string to pull the new
lace through.  For tight holes I used a 5" long rod I
cut from a coat hanger to widen the hole. The most
difficult holes require pulling the string and pushing
with the coat hanger tool.
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