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Companies will frequently provide safety glasses for employees and little or no cost.  The
catch is the side shields are "permanently" attached the glasses.  No problem if you only
intend to use the glasses when you need safety glasses.  If you want to be able to use the
glasses without the side shields it will take a few minutes of work.

The picture above shows the side shields held with a horseshoe shaped piece of metal
attached to the arm on glasses with a special screw.  The screw breaks off when the side
shields are installed, preventing the screws from being removed.

To remove the "permanent" side shields the lens should be covered to prevent damage.  
Then use a Demel or similar rotary grinding tool to cut a groove as shown the lower
picture.  After the groove has been cut a small screw drive can be used to spread the
open end of the horseshoe and free it from the arm of the glasses.  

The side shields can easily be slipped of or back on again if you want
.  Don't forget to add
them if you need them.  Removed side shields provide NO safety to your eyes.

This modification allows you use your glasses at times you would not use them if they had
the shields.  I use my safety glasses as back up glasses and frequently use them around
the house in the evening or the weekend.

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