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Seized end cap
I had owned the black Maglight for many years and used it occasionally.  Then one time when
I tried to remove the end cap I found it seized, frozen really well.  I was not happy about the
prospects of having to trash my only 4 cell Maglight.  I left the flashlight on the floor next to my
workbench for several months while I thought about how to solve the problem.  Eventually,
during a fit of cleaning I decided it was time to fix it or break it for good.  I ended up putting
two pipe wrenches on the flashlight, one on the end cap and the other right next to it.  I was
concerned the one on the tube (not the end cap) would bend the tube and the flashlight
would be wrecked.  Once the end cap started to move, I moved it back and forth just a little bit
at a time.  Eventually the end cap was removed.  I put new batteries in and it worked like a
champ. The pipe wrench does damage the aluminum.  I took a hand file and cleaned up most
of the damage and then used sandpaper to smooth it out.  I started with a nice looking
flashlight that didn't work and I ended with a beat up looking flashlight that did work, seamed
like a good trade to me.  I later came across the small Maglight in the same condition and
used the same process.
I assume Never-seize on the treads in the first place would have prevented the whole issue.
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