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The wire wheel wrenches from GM (Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile) are worthless. I've
broken more than one.  The plastic nut sticks on the thread so hard the wrench is not
strong enough to get it loose.  The picture above shows how the pin in center had the
edge smeared off, the wrench is useless now.  At this point I decided to forget the
'security' aspect of the wire wheel nuts. I hammered a 1 inch 12 point socket on to the
plastic nut.  The plastic nut took the shape of the inside of the socket.  Now I don't use the
worthless plastic wrench, I grab a trusty metal socket and remove the nut.

My wire wheels have not been lost or stolen and I'm not afraid of having a flat tire at night
and not being able to remove the wire wheel cover to get to the lug nuts.
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