Project Junky
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  Repair Projects
If you break or loose your GM (Chevy,
Buick, Oldsmobile, Cadillac) wire wheel
wrench / key - convert the nuts to accept a
1 inch socket using this simple process
Repair a Maglite - Can't unscrew
back to install new batteries
relace a baseball glove
How to relace a
baseball glove
Worn out key resistor "chip" - this problem
was a challenge to diagnose
New Project reports periodically posted
Check out my video on Youtube - it has accumulated an
incredible number of views over the years.
Marble tracks - We built some marble tracks and
used them with regular building block for hours of fun.  
Restore wooden sunfish sailboat
Wooden Sunfish Restoration - We found
a classic wooden hand-built Sunfish that was
free to a good home.  We decided to restore
the boat and enjoy some sailing time.
Kite aerial picture camera set up with ice cube
Kite Aerial Photography - low tech
approach to taking pictures from a kite. An
ice cube was used to trigger the shutter and
the rig was lifted by a homemade kite.
knock down saw horses
Knock down Saw Horses - How to make
great knock down saw horses
homemade mouse trap bucket of water
Awesome Homemade Repeater Bucket
Mouse Trap - The best mouse trap ever.  It
will catch lots of mice the first night in use.
sleep in an igloo
Igloo camp out - I Built this igloo with some
help from my family.  After it was constructed
there was no choice but to spend the night
picture of lightning at night
Night time lightning photography -
Simple steps to take great nighttime
lightning pictures
Marble tracks - We built
some marble tracks and
used them with regular
building block for hours of
fun.  Check out the video
on this page, it has
almost 500,000 views on
Portable garage strength
enhancement - This portable
garage was put up to store some of
our junk.  Being concerned about
snow load and wind load this
portable garage was strengthen
considerably for $50 and no special
tools were required.
Kids room wall mural - We wanted to do a
room with airplanes, but none of the wall
paper choices were appropriate.  So we
decided to paint on our own pictures.
homemade rope
How to make Rope
Convert an old style record player /
stereo to a useful cabinet
DIY Home office desk /
computer center
Remove Permanently attached side
shields from safety glasses
conversion to carry a canoe on a utility grailer
Trailer modification to carry canoes, ladders,
lumber, etc.
how to wax skiis
How to prep your skis for winter - wax &
sharpen - very easy - very inexpensive
one dollar suit case made of boxes

Fold flat luggage for $1 - Saved our
tails on Western Camping trip
Homemade GoPole from a discarded ski pole.
Package of peanuts made in a factory that processes peanuts
What??? - Check out this picture
Embry Riddle airplanes destroyed by
a Tornado on Christmas Day 2006
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CowPots - Ingenious people making pots from Cow poop
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